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"They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony" Revelation 12:11

Women's Connecting Ministry Reatreat - 6th to 8th July 2012

Theme: In His Presence

Sis Martha —  Singing with a very large crowd

The Lord has been gracious to us at our Women’s Retreat. He comes in His own way and the emphasis every year has been unique and different. Last year was great and this year was special. All thanks to God for His love and mercy.

The topic this year was “His Presence” and the Lord surely graced every part of the programme with His presence.   I experienced the special presence of God very strongly on the Sunday morning. I was asleep but in a semi-conscious state; I found myself singing with a very large crowd of people. The chorus was “I’m coming back to the heart of worship, its all about you, its all about you Jesus. I’m sorry Lord for the thing I’ve made it, when it’s all about you, its all about you Jesus…”

I kept singing the chorus with the unseen crowd over and over again. It’s a bit difficult to explain, but I was partially awake but was not conscious of the fact that I had to wake up for the Sunday morning group devotion. The singing was so beautiful and sweet I cannot find words to describe the experience.  It was not until one of the sisters came to knock on my door that I became fully aware of my surrounding and the fact that I had been in a trance.  The Lord has brought me to a different level in Him and I’m ever so grateful.

Leah Graham—  It was the same way I felt the day I got baptised

I am honoured to be one whose heart is open to acknowledge and see when GOD is working in my life. I feel so comforted and blessed by GOD in this problematic world. I went on the women’s retreat with an open heart hoping to leave feeling fulfilled. I enjoyed the teachings and constant praising and praying being in the presence of GOD. I feel that GOD had a reason for me to go, and that going has definitely had a positive impact. The way I felt leaving the retreat was the same way I felt the day I got baptised; purified, blessed and onto a different step onwards and upwards.

Marilyn Nembhard—  Never ever want to leave out of His Presence

In 2011 I went on the retreat to Kairos and asked the Lord for something that was very dear to me; after only a very short while, the Lord answered my request and gave me the desire of my heart.  This year I returned to Kairos to give the Lord very special thanks for what he has done for me and to ask him to draw me nearer to him; to a greater spiritual height and more into his presence.  I can only describe the experience at Kairos, as one of awesomeness.  My walk with the Lord is sweeter and sweeter every day and I never ever want to leave out of his presence.

Sharon Graham— Gods’ faithfulness

3 years ago I asked the Lord to make a way for me to go to the women’s retreat; it was not possible. One of my church sisters offered to pay for me to go and still it was not possible. Last year whilst in church the Lord promised me I will be going, and I must invite my two eldest daughters. The Lord said to take my family and pray. He provided a job I loved where I was able to evangelize whilst working with good results. God provided my finances and multiple blessings. Believe in his words and receive his promises. HOW GREAT IS MY GOD.

Lynette Wharton —  Believe and Trust

God is merciful.  I thank the Lord for his grace that kept us from all other businesses the weekend of the retreat so that we could be in his presence.  We all need his presence on this journey of life [Genesis 28:15]; every day is a battle and we must seek the Lord with all our hearts. God want us to have a relationship with him.  In His presence, are all the benefits.  The two words which I took away from the retreat, are Believe [Psalms 121]  and Trust [Psalms 40:4] Heaven’s gate was open and I can’t wait for the next retreat.  God loves us all!

Rachel Graham— The benefits of being in his presence: peace, joy, security, eternal life...

Going on the women’s retreats taught me that the benefits of being in his presence are peace, joy, security, eternal life and many more. On the first day I witnessed and experienced the presence of God, which brought upon an enduring feeling of peace within me. On the first night I was given a revelation concerning things that were happening around me at the time that I would have otherwise ignored. This exceptional experience has made me take one step forward with my relationship with God and I can say for his mercy, kindness and love I give him the praise and honour that he deserves. I will forever seek his face and abide in his presence.

Olive Abraham—  In his presence, I am secure and there I plan to stay

I did not plan to go to the retreat but the Lord had other plans for me.  All I can say is that since I have been going to Kairos, I have never experienced the awesome presence of God like I did on this occasion.  God showed up in a mighty way.  Each night I went to sleep, he gave me revelations in dreams.  One of the most poignant I could remember, was waking up in the morning, signing “In the name of Jesus, In the name of Jesus, I have the Victory”.  I say thank you Lord, because I know that he is letting me know that it is well no matter what.  In his presence, I am secure and there I plan to stay.







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